Development Contest 24 Season 3 – Winner Announcement

We received 128 entries for the 24-hour Development Contest: Season 3.
Thank you for your participation!

Winner Announcement

CHIRIYAMA makes you smile by knowing how much money you saved today at the end of the day.
By tracking your savings, CHIRIYAMA suggests the things you can buy with what you saved.
Every night, when you look back at what you saved, you’ll be able to sleep with a happy heart.
Name of Contestant
Atashi to Ore(アタシとオレ)
Comments from Judges
To make saving money more enjoyable, they try to solve the problem with an easy input interface and by suggesting products which the user can buy instead with those savings.
To read, or not to read
~that is the question~
We all tend to be engrossed in reading books until late at night, and are often forced to stop reading, aren’t we? This service can help you estimate the time required to read a book. By using it, you can better enjoy your reading time before going to bed, and not run out of time.
Name of Contestant
Ryota Ayaki(綾木 良太)
Comments from Judges
The service title says,’I don’t know when to stop reading a book at all’, and it was nice that the developer really solved the problem. We’re supposed to enjoy reading time before going to bed, which can help us finish the day comfortably.
Most of us charge the batteries of our cellphones at the end of everyday.
What if we can add a small enjoyment to this business-like activity…
With this service, you can get several badges depending on the condition of your Android phone.
As always, you just recharge your cell phone, but you have more fun with Charge Badge.
Name of Contestant
@yonekawa + @s12bt
Comments from Judges
Every smart phone user must re-charge its battery to keep it alive. Probably, most of us feel that it’s a chore every night. Charge Badge provides us a little more happiness with this annoying task. The app is very simple, easy to use for every one, and well-designed as an Android app. We’re very impressed this was completed within 24 hours of development. Charge Badge may just give you an opportunity to love your Android phone a little bit more!
Who do you spend time with at the end of a day?
Why not share a “Good night” message with someone else?
A chorus of “Good night” falling down on you, like shooting stars.
OYASUMI Shower offers you a fun experience before bedtime by exchanging “Good night” with others.
Name of Contestant
Team OyasumiSupport#end_of_day
Comments from Judges
Believe it or not, it’s a delightful experience to say “Good night” to someone else at the end of a day.
It creates a feeling of togetherness effectively by mixing your own voice with a mass chorus.
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Thank you to all those who participated

Thank you very much for taking part in the Cookpad Development Contest 24 – season 3. We were really happy to receive so many great entries.
Needless to say, we were so impressed with the submissions, we had spend a lot of time to properly evaluate them all. It was a hard discussion, and we finally selected the winners based on these two criteria:

1. The software/service really solves a problem
2. We would love to use the software/service

The awards ceremony will be held later this month, where we will make the presentations, there will be some Lightning Talks and you can have lunch with us. Please feel free to join us!

#We will inform you of the details later.

We will be holding this contest again next year, so see you next time!