Investor Relations


Oct. 1997Coin Ltd. (renamed Cookpad Inc.) founded in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
Mar. 1998Community-based recipe sharing service "Kitchen@coin" launched
Jun. 1999"Kitchen@coin" renamed as "Cookpad"
Sep. 2004Premium Service business launched
Coin Ltd. renamed and converted to Cookpad Inc.
Jul. 2007Company with Nominating Committees, etc. adopted
Jul. 2009Cookpad Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Dec. 2011Cookpad Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section
Jun. 2013Number of Premium Service members exceeded 1 million
Jan. 2014ALLTHECOOKS, LLC (merged into Cookpad Inc. in Apr. 2016), a US-based recipe-sharing service, is acquired through a subsidiary of COOKPAD Inc. (US), marking the official start of Cookpad's overseas expansion
Sep. 2014Headquarters relocated to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Oct. 2016Number of posted recipes exceeded 2.5 million
Dec. 2016Overseas businesses reorganized, designating UK subsidiary Cookpad Limited as the second corporate headquarters with oversight of all overseas businesses