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December 20, 2013

COOKPAD Advances in Globalization Scheme, Linking with Recipe Services Worldwide
〜Enable People Worldwide to Enjoy the Cuisine of Every Nation〜

COOKPAD Inc. is constantly seeking new ways to improve the know-how we have cultivated in operating, Japan’s largest recipe website, so that users anywhere can enjoy cuisines from around the world. At the Board of Directors meeting on Friday, December 20th, 2013, COOKPAD made the decision to acquire the Spanish based recipe service, “Mis Recetas” ( and enter an agreement to acquire the equity interest of ALLTHECOOKS, LLC., which operates “Allthecooks”, a U.S. based recipe service. 

“Mis Recetas” operates on a user-based model similar to COOKPAD. The website has approximately 6 million monthly users, and the mobile app is ranked No. 1 in the Food & Beverage category for 17 Spanish speaking countries. Around 70% of the users accessing the website are from countries other than Spain, such as Mexico and Argentina, which will open our service to the 400 million Spanish speakers around the world.

“Allthecooks” is a new recipe service, which launched in December 2012. The number of users accessing the service reached 1 million within the first year following its release, ranking No. 1 for the recipe category on Google Play. The acquisition of equity interest in ALLTHECOOKS, LLC. will improve our service’s availability in English speaking countries.

We plan to continue focusing our efforts on increasing the number of users through our various services by sharing COOKPAD’s know-how in each major language to strengthen our recipe services globally.

■Outline of the acquisition of “Mis Recetas”
About the acquisition of “Mis Recetas”
COOKPAD Spain, S.L., a new company we plan to establish in Spain, will take over “Mis Recetas” ( ITYIS SIGLO XXI, S.L..
Company Name: ITYIS SIGLO XXI, S.L.
Location: Alicante, Spain
Representative: Rebecca Hazel Rippin
Founded: January 2001

■Outline of the acquisition of equity interest of ALLTHECOOKS, LLC.
About the acquisition of the equity interest of ALLTHECOOKS, LLC.
COOKPAD Inc., S.L., our U.S. subsidiary, will take over the all equity interest of ALLTHECOOKS, LLC., which operates “Allthecooks” (, a U.S. recipe service, from Mufumbo Labs Inc. ALLTHECOOKS, LLC. will become our sub subsidiary.
Location: California, U.S.
Representative: Silvia Curioni
Founded: October 2013

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