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What’s Cookpad?

Cookpad is Japan’s top recipe site allowing visitors to upload and search through original, user-created recipes. Currently being used by most Japanese women in their 20-30s, Cookpad has become an essential tool in enabling families to enjoy cooking across Japan. As of March 2015, Cookpad had a total of 52.51 million users including 36.74 million smartphone and app users.

“What’s for dinner?” is one question that all people everywhere are faced with day after day, so access to the site reaches its peak around 4-5 PM when people in Japan start grocery shopping for the day’s dinner ingredients. Combined with our mobile and smartphone services which can be used on the go and in stores, Cookpad plays a significant and influential role in the shopping decisions that consumers make in their everyday lives.

■ Monthly unique users: 52.51 million users (March 2015)
PC 15.06 million, Smartphone web browser 27.41 million, App 9.33 million, Feature phone 0.7 million
■ Number of recipes: over 2.01 million (March 2015)
■ Paid subscription users: over 1.6 million (March 2015)