Nov. 24, 2015
Cookpad Inc.

Cookpad launches Washoku.Guide,
a new service introducing Japanese food to the world

Washoku.Guide will be an English-language portal site for Japanese food, with over 20,000 recipes,coverage of food trends, and insights into the washoku culture in cities around the world.

Cookpad Inc. is announcing the launch of Washoku.Guide ( starting Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015. In addition to a selection of approximately 20,000 recipes, the service will be introducing Japan-related food trends and providing information on Japanese food available overseas.

■Delivering Japanese food culture – old and new – to the world
Since washoku’s registration as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in December 2013, global interest in Japan’s culinary culture has been steadily increasing. In recent years, ramen restaurants and Japanese curry shops have begun expanding overseas, further indicating growing familiarity with Japanese food around the world. Visitors to Washoku.Guide will be able to explore a collection of 20,000 recipes comprised of content translated from Cookpad as well as recipes exclusive to the site. The vast selection spans from centuries-old dishes to new ideas including the currently popular onigirazu (an onigiri-sandwich hybrid) and pull-apart buns. Washoku.Guide also plans on expanding its selection of recipes that have been specially adapted for tools and ingredients available in countries outside of Japan.

■Articles will cover Japanese culinary traditions, trends, and contributions from globally based writers
While examining traditional components of Japanese food such as dashi and miso, articles on Washoku.Guide will also explore fresh approaches to washoku such as those exemplified by the ramen burger and tofu cream. Furthermore, in addition to featuring posts written by overseas contributors, Washoku.Guide plans to share restaurant reviews and notifications of events, providing a diverse array of content that will help washoku fans all over the world cook, eat, and learn about Japanese food.




【About Washoku.Guide】

Washoku.Guide is a portal site for washoku-related information. While sharing a collection of over 20,000 recipes, it will feature articles on the newest food trends and provide access to updated resources on Japanese food around the world.

<Selection of content>
・Recipes:Through keyword searches and category browsing, visitors to the site can explore a rich collection of 20,000 recipes comprised of Washoku.Guide-exclusive content as well as translated recipes from Cookpad.
*Additions to this collection of recipes are planned in the future.

・Articles:Articles on Washoku.Guide will range in topic from the culinary traditions of Japan to new developments in the world of washoku and include posts written by overseas contributors. Reviews of restaurants and coverage of washoku-related events in major cities around the globe are also forthcoming.


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