Our Mission


Make everyday cooking fun!


Nurture Cooking

Cooking and sharing meals with friends and family builds bonds.
It keeps us healthy. It’s good for the environment.
Inspiring more people to cook is how we will make the world a better place.

Solve Everyday Problems

Understanding and solving the problems that are most important to people in their everyday lives is how we can deliver lasting value.
Everything else will follow.

Empower Communities

A community is much more than the sum of its members.
Our technology connects cooks to form communities.
We can make the biggest impact by providing these communities with powerful tools to solve their problems.

Be Great

In a world where it’s increasingly easy to avoid cooking,
“Make everyday cooking fun!” is an incredibly challenging mission.
We cannot, and will not, settle for just being good. We will take risks and we will aim high.
Because to succeed, we must be great.